About us
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About us

Our company was founded in 2007 and in 2009 the trade mark You-Mix was registered.

Using the pick'n'mix concept and offering a wide variety of chewing jellies at one price we give our customer an opportunity to make his/her own candy mix depending on his/her needs, taste and occasion. 

Buying our candies you just need to fill a firm "You-Mix" bag with any jellies you like and then weigh them in a balance in the supermarket.
As a result you get a unique sweet collection of jellies which can please, make laugh or even encourage you or a person you love.

Just use your imagination while opening the dear paper bag filled with flavourful candies, and you enter a magic world of colourful octopuses, centipedes and boas, where tiny bears and giant mice live in peace, where crocodiles never bite and cows give sweet milk. Only ripe fruit are growing on trees in that world, where sweet frogs and fish are waiting for someone who would like to taste them.

Visit one of the supermarkets selling our candies, fill a yellow paper bag with jellies and present it to a person you love. You will see that your unique present can say more than words. 
If you are in a bad mood and want to make your life more colourful try one more way to do this - present yourself with a bag of chewing jellies from You-Mix.